Parenting is the most important and challenging job there is

Join other parents in gaining knowledge and support while your baby grows.

Parenting is hard. We have the tools to help.

Parenting Groups

Parenting Now offers parenting groups and support for families of young children in Lane County, Oregon. 

Virtual Support For Families

From One-2-One support with a Parenting Educator to access to our online curriculum, we have a variety of options for families.

Upcoming Events

Baby Connection, live discussions with parenting educators, workshops, fundraising events, and more!


Danielle, Healthy Families Program

"Through the Healthy Families program, I learned to enjoy playtime and keep my kids entertained, as well as giving them the tools to succeed in learning."


RL Widmer, First Three Years Program

"I gained so much from the discussions we had in our parenting groups. Those groups formed the foundation of who I am as a father."


Erin Bowling, Incredible INFANTs

"Being part of a group—sharing our fears and triumphs—helped me to see that we each have our own parenting style, and even helped me to recognize my own triumphs."

Frequently Asked Questions

Families have a variety of options with parenting groups and services from Parenting Now. Some of our programs include the First 3 Years for families with newborns or young children; Make Parenting A Pleasure, for families dealing with stress who have children from newborn to age 8; Crecer, our group for Spanish-speaking families; and Program for Young Parents, providing support for pregnant and parenting teens.

Parenting Now's Enrollment Specialist will help place you in the right program. Give us a call at 541-434-4343, or email

Some of our programs are free; others have fees, but all of our programs are available to all families in the community, regardless of ability to pay. Some programs use a sliding scale, some are offered free to qualified low-income families, and some provide scholarships for families that want to participate.

Parenting Now uses donations and fundraising to cover most of the costs. We do not require documentation of need. Please call us at 541-4343-4343 or email to learn more.

While we are unable to hold in-person parenting groups during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have lots of options for families, including:

  • Virtual home visits through Healthy Families
  • One-2-One email, phone, and text support with a Parenting Educator
  • Weekly Live Discussions with Parenting Educators on a variety of parenting topics
  • Virtual Circle Time Videos by Parenting Educator Ali Johnson
  • Virtual Baby Connection every Wednesday from 11 am to 12 pm
  • Free access to our Parenting: The First Three Years Online program

Parenting groups are a great place to meet parents with similar aged children.

In addition, our drop-in programs—Baby Connection and Playtime For Parents & Children—are also wonderful places to meet other moms and dads with babies and toddlers.

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